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Over the years, we have build up a strong injection workshop with continuous expansion for more injection machines.Due to the high standard required for double injetction part,our injection machines ranging from 50 to 400 tonnes.Our machines are suited for both rotational and index plate turning double injection molds,covering a wider range of product designs.

Injection 4.JPG

Double Injection 02.JPG

Double Injection 03.JPG

Double Injection 04.JPG

Double Injection 06.JPG

Double Injection 07.JPG

Double Injection 08.JPG

Double Injection 09.JPG

Double Injection 01.jpg

double injection10.JPG

injection 9.JPG

Injection 1.JPG

Injection 2.JPG

Injection 3.JPG

injection 5.jpg

injection 6.JPG

injection 7.JPG

injection 8.JPG


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